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Summer 2020 registration is now open! Sign up today to save your spot.

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Overnight Sessions:

Little Adventures:  June 28th - 30th  Pastor: David Colwell. 

B&G Session 1:        July 5th - July 11th  Pastor: Mark Jackson Worship: Adam Shortsleeves

B&G Session 2:        July 12th - July 18th Pastor: Dean Stiles Worship: Pastor Matt Beam

B&G Session 3:        July 19th - July 25th Pastor: Chris Dunaway Worship: Nathan Wells


B&G Session 4:        July 26th - Aug 1st Pastor: Brandon Dupris  Worship: TBD

Teen Camp:             Aug 9th - Aug 14th  Pastor: Dave Coronato Worship: Pastor Scott Griffin 


Walk in Confidence

Isaiah 43:2

Words like “be not afraid” and “fear not” occur over 300 times in the Bible.  There are many things to distract us in life, causing fear in our lives.  When we come face to face with fear, trusting God’s presence, promises, provision and power, we are then able to walk in confidence. 

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