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• For the safety of the campers and all the speed limit is 10 MPH on camp roads.

• Check in is 3pm, check out 10am.

• Parking only on sites. One car per site.  Cabin rentals, park in main parking lot behind the gatehouse welcome center. 

• For the safety of the swimmers, please no fishing in swimming areas (Foye and pines beach)

• Pets must be leashed at all times, reasonably quiet and picked up after. Dogs are not permitted at the waterfront. 

• Please respect your neighbors.  Radios, televisions, etc. should be kept at a low volume.  Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am

• Trash should be brought to the dumpster, next to the Lodge. 

• Because we are a youth camp, alcohol, illegal drugs and smoking are prohibited on the grounds.

• Cut only fallen trees. No chainsaws are permitted. Exceptions for chainsaw use should contact the Director. 

• Fires are permitted only in campsite fire rings. Do not leave fires unattended. 

• For the enjoyment of the entire community, we ask your site be clean and tidy.  We also ask that no political signs or messages be displayed.  

• For the safety of the campers and community, all guests need to be checked in at the gatehouse.  Daily guest fee of $10 per person or $5 for youth 2-12 years old.

• Use of Foye beach is not permitted when campers are present, please use the pines waterfront.  Visiting the youth at camp must be arranged with the Director in advance.  Please adhere to the posted rules at the waterfront (Boats and water trampoline are not permitted without a Sentinel lifeguard)

• Electricity should be conserved. Heaters and air conditioners are not permitted due to electricity draw. Lights should not be left on when away for an extended period of time. 

• Pines beach area is for your enjoyment.  Please keep it clean.  Canoes and kayaks and other personal equipment will be clearly identifiable (last name and site number) stored in the designated “boat area” and removed from the pines waterfront by Oct 1st.

Seasonal campers:  
•    Seasonal sites:  If you are not planning to return the next season, we ask you to let us know in writing by September 30th. By Columbus Day 5 pm if you are not returning your site must be cleaned, all personal belongings, trash, platforms/sheds etc. removed, and your camper removed from the property. Sentinel Staff will schedule a closing meeting to inspect the site.   
•    50% of balance is due by December 31st, remaining balance due by April 1st.   
•    Visitors to a seasonal camp site must be accompanied by registered seasonal camper.   
•    Use of motorized golf carts/all-terrain vehicles for handicapped use and motorized boats are permitted with permission of the Director.   
•    Pines Seasonal Sites are non-transferable.  
•    Issues and concerns should be brought to the Pines Advisory Committee. 

29 Sentinel Lodge Road, Center Tuftonboro, NH 03816 603.539.4839

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