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Our mission is to create a welcoming environment for Christian relationship building and spiritual renewal. Within the stillness of God's creation and through the guidance of the staff, people are moved from discovery into authentic relationships with others and with Jesus Christ.



Since 1949, individuals dedicated to serving God have provided the backbone for this camping ministry to flourish. Staff and volunteers act as the vehicle to bring individuals, families, and groups closer to Christ.

Summer staff applications are welcomed for the upcoming summer camp season! Working at camp is not only an investment in your bank account and resume, but more importantly in who you are as a person and a Christian.

“Often people ask me, how could you "give up" your summer to work at camp for 9 weeks, and I suppose that could be a valid question. I guess it's because camp is my home away from home, where my second family is. I get to spend my summer not only with amazing people but in a bubble that protects against all the world throws at me. I wake up to constant love, fun, and smiles and most importantly my summer is devoted to helping kids find their relationship with Christ. Life outside camp is just so boring in comparison.  Simply put I would miss it”   – Claire, staff member   

Staff Positions by Department

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