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Celebrating 75 Years of Outdoor Ministry 

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As Christopher played the guitar around the campfire, time stopped. The worries of the world were paused during those moments while we were gathered together. The staff mentor sang a story to music while strumming on the guitar. Campers laughed, the staff smiled, and all was well because we were at camp.


Time in nature is life changing, allowing growth in relationship with God and others.  Being challenged in a safe environment to try something new while living together in a temporary community all help in the emotional, mental, social, and spiritual development of a young person.  Time at camp is good.



At Sentinel campers are given a gift: to unplug in nature.  Positive life change happens when we take a break from our daily routine and are surrounded by caring young adults.  Campers are able to explore nature and participate in new adventures through personal and team challenges in a safe and encouraging environment.



Connection with good friends can make all the difference in a young person’s life.  Friendships with caring adults and campers can last a lifetime, providing a connection that helps navigate challenges in life.


Role Models

Having someone one-step ahead in life is valuable. At camp, campers interact with caring mentors who share in worship, play, adventure, and discovery.  Dedicated staff make a difference at camp.


At Sentinel we believe in the gift of camp and are thankful for friends and churches who stand with us in mission.  We believe camp is for everyone, so we never turn a family away from the camp experience for financial challenges.  Thank you for standing with us in mission.   Your mission support for Sentinel helps us as we continue the important work at Sentinel and prepare for the 75th camp season ahead!   Please consider joining us for the Kick off event on Sunday September 24th 2023.  For a list of projects click here.  Then celebrate with us again on  September 29th 2024.


Hope to see you on the mountaintop again soon!


Rev. Kevin Van Brunt “Pk”                     Dr. Mark Price

Executive Director                                  Board Chair

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a welcoming environment for Christian relationship building and spiritual renewal. Within the stillness of God's creation and through the guidance of the staff, people are moved from discovery into authentic relationships with others and with Jesus Christ.

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