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Breathe Thankfulness

Recently, I felt "bristled". Maybe that is too strong a word, but the circumstances may have justified it. After a bumpy two-hour 700-mile delayed flight I arrived. I drove the hour to the camp host site to find a tree down with wires across the road. I was detoured 3 miles in the late evening to arrive at a dark cold camp. No power, no heat, no hot water. I use the words "dark" and "cold" to merely describe the elements around me. I was greeted warmly by my camp friends and after a cool night of adventurous sleep I went into the generator half powered dining hall for breakfast. Sounds of camp life and the warmth of Christ was felt. I saw a sign on the dining hall wall (later to find out the sign was just hung up a few days before) that changed everything- three powerful words, reminders when we feel "bristled" to: Always. Be. Thankful. (1 Thessalonians 5:18). My "deep down attitude" was changed by those three words. I thought due to the circumstances "I had the right to be down", but quickly realized through the reminder of thankfulness (always), my soul was lifted, restored. I felt bristled, shaken up a bit from my routine. Then when things restore, the bed feels softer, the shower warmer and the laughter of friends sweeter. It's important to feel uncomfortable sometimes. It gives us perspective - a deeper love to help those without. Lord, give me a heart of readiness and allow me to Breathe Thankfulness.  Kevin Van Brunt "Pk" director of camp Sentinel. 

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