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Why choose a sleep-away camp for your child this summer?

The benefits go far beyond the swimming and kayaking! 

In our country’s current lifestyle of over-scheduling, overuse of electronics, and dwindling unstructured time, summer may seem like a fast-approaching vast amount of free time to occupy with something for a son or daughter. The temptation for any parent is to either fill this time with many more scheduled activities, if one has the financial resources to do so, or simply see how the days play out with no structure, which can lead to more time spent on social media or watching TV by the child.

Summer sleep-away Christian camp can offer so much more. Kids coming to a week-long camp are often taken out of their element. New friendships are formed, as there is time to truly get to know one another and share common interests. Physical fitness happens naturally through fun daily activities. Confidence is built as trained counselors help each child grow personally. Camp can foster teamwork and personal growth, as kids learn the day-to-day necessities of living in, and appreciating nature. Challenges of being away from home, sometimes for the first time, eating new foods, trying new things, etc., are met with love and support from trained staff who love camp, love the outdoors, and love working with youth. At Camp Sentinel, our mission is to help all kids who want to come to camp be able to attend a week of camp. We offer scholarships to help families who may need financial support and welcome all faiths and backgrounds.

Cindy Dodds, Board Member and Camper Parent

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