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Director's Update - Autumn 2018

Autumn Greetings from Camp Sentinel!

Each Friday evening campers gather around closing council fire to share what they learned during their experience at camp. One evening I remember clearly one young teen, Chris stood up to share what he learned after a week in the stillness of God’s Creation. Chris shared, “After being at camp, I don’t have do life alone anymore, I now have Jesus to help me”.

Stories of hope and strength are common at Camp Sentinel. Sentinel offers a place to quiet the distractions of life and listen to the still small voice of God. At Sentinel, God doesn’t speak any LOUDER in the outdoors, it’s just easier to hear God.

Sentinel provides summer camp for young people to have an ‘even playing field’ to make authentic lifelong friendships. The staff and mentors provide the opportunity to learn good social skills and resolve conflict in a Biblical way in the ‘sandbox’ of life. Sentinel provides a safe place for youth to grow in personal relationship with Christ and are given the opportunity to foster their connection with who God is, and make God known to others through His light and love.

This summer over 700 campers came to the grounds to grow deeper in their relationship with God. I am thankful for the summer staff, volunteers, camp pastors and worship leaders who stepped-up to serve this summer, thank you!

Camp Pastors:

Cliff Vendt Retired

Ned Wilson Sugar Hill Community Church

Mark Jackson First Baptist Church, Lexington MA

Chris Dunaway Portsmouth Middle Street Baptist Church

Dean Stiles FBC, Berlin & Jefferson Community Church

Brandon Dupuis Lambs Chapel in Berlin, NH

Scott Griffin Newton Junction Baptist Church

Worship Leaders:

Adam Shortsleeves Alumni

Nathan Wells Berlin, NH

Matt Beem Pastor of FBC, Franklin NH

Claire Martindale Alumni

Justin Clifford Whitefield, NH

Summer Camp Staff

Abby Coulter, Emma Denis, Sam Arrigal, Megan Hutar, Mallory Wilson, Rebekah Hinrichsen, Shelby Nicholson, Abigail Van Brunt, Anna Mansfield, Hannah Denis, Mary McCarthy, Bryen Woody, Jared Dykshoorn, David Mansfield, Josiah Hinrichsen, David McClure, Kevin Curnane, Joseph Wasson, Brennan Dunn, Ethan Raifsnider, Cody Claus, Camden Caswell, Zachary Corban, Luke Stevens, Landon Wilson, Amber Ladner, Rebekah Watson, Rebekah Washer, Greta Wingate, Samuel Stiles, Zachary Wood, Jacob Emerick, Dorinda Washer, Tucker Van Brunt, and Elissa Boucher.

As we celebrate the seeds planted this past summer for God’s Glory, we look ahead with sweet anticipation and excitement for what God will do ahead of us.

Thank you for standing with us in ministry, for your mission support and prayers and we hope to see you soon on the mountaintop!

Rev. Kevin Van Brunt “Pk”

President / Executive Director, Camp Sentinel

The leaves changing on the mountains at Sentinel.

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